• In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficial, The Most Merciful

Junior Muslims Eid-ul-Fitr Celebration

ISD Community Children ages 3 and above are cordially invited to participate in making this Eid an extraordinary and memorable experience for their loved ones by making Eid Gifts, Greetings Cards and Special Projects for them. Together, we can experience that a lockdown during this pandemic can't stop our creativity and tone down our Eid Spirit. A virtual Eid Celebration can also be a spectacular one! 
Be as creative as you like ... here are some ideas to get you started: 
- Eid Mubarak Cards (design and write a personalized Eid message using construction paper, 3D design or other digital medium)
- Eid Cards with Arabic Calligraphy (on paper or canvas using paint, colored-pencils or crayons) 
- Eid Banners (using materials you can find around the house)
- Eid Mubarak Wreaths (DIY with recycled materials around the house) 
- Eid decorations (lighting around the house, door wreaths, fireplace mantel decorations, hanging paper mobiles, etc.)
- Eid Mubarak Video Message (record an Eid Mubarak message for your loved ones and your community) 
- Personalized Handmade Gift (painting a rock, making a candle holder, fresh flower arrangements, paper flowers, table cover, jewellery, Lego creations, etc.) 
- Cultural Food (cook a Special Eid dish - tell us what it is and why you picked it)   
These are just suggestions. You really have an opportunity to create your masterpiece and wow your community! 
Please send us photos and/or videos of your creation. We will compile all submissions into collages and videos to share with the community via ISD Connect, our website and our Facebook Page. 
Let's all come together through this virtual activity and make this Eid a memorable adventure with our community. We are all in this together.
The deadline to send in your photos and videos is Tuesday, May 26. All send all photos and videos to Sr. Mobina at mmallick@isdonline.org or via text message or WhatsApp message to 302-229-7726.
Optional Activity for Parents: please feel free to send us photos of your children holding their masterpieces while wearing their formal or traditional Eid clothes. What a memorable photo will this be!  

For additional details or questions, please contact:
Sr. Mobina Mallick at mmallick@isdonline.org or 302-229-7726
Sr. Kadija Dukuray at k.dukuray2@gmail.com

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