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ISD IQRA' Quran Program

ISD is pleased to announce its full-time Quran memorization program available to brothers and sisters, ages eight and above. Adults are also welcome to register. There will be three groups. The first group is for individuals who plan on memorizing the entire Quran in four years. The second and third group are for individuals who plan on memorizing the entire Quran in six years. Tajweed, how to memorize, reading perfection, and review are just a few skills that will be taught during this Hifdh Program. 
An interview and registration is required. Student's admission to the program will be decided after the interview. You must also know how to read from the Quran. Seats are limited.

REGISTER: tinyurl.com/HafidhISD
4-day program: $200/month
3-day program: $150/month

This is a year-round program and breaks will be decided throughout the year. For further information, please contact info@isdonline.org.
Mission: To create a healthy environment for children to memorize the Quran, with its proper recitation and tajweed, so that they may build a relationship with the book of Allah, preserve it in their heart and develop a love for it that will enable them to follow it as they progress in life.

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