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ISD Board Elections 2022

Islamic Society of Delaware will be holding its Annual General Assembly Meeting and Board Elections for the year 2022 on Saturday, January 15th. Please mark your calendars for this important community event.
All community members are requested to take an active role in the election process by renewing their membership and nominating candidates who can best serve the community's growing needs. Please note that as per our Bylaws, all Board of Director nominations are due to the Election Commissioner by 8 PM on January 9th (Sunday). The last day to become a member is also on January 9th (Sunday).
The entire event will be conducted remotely through ISD zoom session starting with a GA meeting at 1 PM. Please be sure to participate in the ISD Board of Director Elections by voting between 2:30 and 5:00 PM. The e-ballots will be sent to the registered emails of paid members for voting at 2:30 PM. The detailed instructions for e-voting will be shared at the GA meeting by our Election Commissioner, Br. Feroz Madiwale. 
The ISD Board of Directors Nomination Form, ISD Membership Form and the ISD Transfer of Vote Form can be found below: Please click each one to download.
There are 7 board positions open for this election as the elected terms have expired for the following board members:
Br. Asad Peracha
Br. BMA Belal
Br. Irfan Patel
Br. Shafiq Rahim
Br. Mahamed Allimulla
Br. Mir Sadiq Ali Khan
Sr. Tamkanat (Timmie) Mirza
The election results will be announced by 8 PM on January 15th. On the day of election, all election inquiries should be directed to Br. Feroz via text or email. 
Election Commissioner
Br. Feroze Madiwale
(302) 559-4539

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