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Funeral Planning For Loved One

Funeral Planning for Loved One


Everything in the earth and the heavens belongs to Allah (SWT). Our lives, our possessions and our families are Allah’s gifts to us. Death is the definite event that occurs in everybody’s life. Death is inevitable and unpredictable. Nobody knows when death will come to him or her.

Islamic Society of Delaware provides assistance in funeral services. Here we provide you guidance and information for peacefully completing the burial of your deceased loved one.

Call ISD upon learning that your loved one has passed at (302) 357-5917. Masjid will assist in:
  • Ensuring the entire process is conducted per the Sunnah
  • Ensuring the family has time to grieve and not worry about the funeral arrangements
  • Engaging the ISD designated Funeral Home
  • Arranging Ghusl (Ritual Washing), Kafan (Shroud), Salat-Al-Janazah (Burial Prayers) and Tadfeen (Burial)
  • Arranging for a Grave and coordinating with the cemetery for opening and closing of the grave

Please assign ONE member of your family as a “Point Of Contact” to send and receive communication from ISD, Medical Examiner’s Office, Funeral Home, Cemetery, etc.

Several services are needed to take the body from the deathbed to the grave:

A.    Obtaining A  “Work Death Certificate”
  • If the death took place in a hospital, the hospital will issue a Work Death Certificate (This is different from the Death Certificate issued by the county)
  • If the death took place at home, and the deceased was under Home Hospice Care, the Hospice Service Provider has to officially Pronounce the death
  • If the death took place at home, contact your family doctor to obtain a Death Certificate

B.  Funeral Home
  • Services consist of getting the body released from the home or hospital
  • Transporting the body from the place of death to Funeral Home Preparation Room. This facility includes cold storage to hold the deceased overnight if the death occurs in such hours that a funeral for the same day is not possible 
  • Washing the body according to Sunnah, shroud and place in a casket for burial
  • Transporting the body from the Preparation Room to the Masjid
  • Transporting the body from the Masjid to the Cemetery
  • Installing a temporary Grave Sign
  • “Applying For” and “Collecting” Funeral Home Charges from the State if the deceased is Medicaid Eligible (Conditions Apply For Eligibility)
  • Applying for Death Certificate from County

C.    Funeral Prayers (ISD - Masjid Ibrahim)
  • Offering Salat-al-Janazah (Funeral Prayers)
  • Giving oppurtunity to the community to join the Funeral procession to the cemetery and participate in the burial

D.   Cemetery
  • Where the gravesite is located, grave opening closing services are provided, and the deceased is laid to rest.
A.    Funeral Director
  • The Funeral Director from ISD designated funeral home gets the body released to him and transports the deceased to the funeral home. He is the custodian and responsible for transportation.
  • The body is prepared for burial this consists of washing the body, enshrouding in “kafan”, and placing the body in the casket. The Funeral Director transports the body from the funeral home to the Masjid.
  • After Janaza prayer the Funeral Director transports the body from the Funeral home to the Cemetery.
A.    Washing Of The Body
  • It is highly recommended that close relatives of the deceased take part/assist in washing the body. ISD Sympathy Committee volunteers will be there to guide (If needed). But if that is not possible, then ISD volunteers will arrange for the washing of the body.
B.    Shrouding Of The Body
  • It is highly recommended that close relatives of the deceased take part/assist in shrouding the body. ISD Sympathy Committee volunteers will be there to guide (If needed). But if that is not possible, then ISD volunteers will arrange for the shrouding of the body.
  • Salat al-Janaza, a prayer for the forgiveness of the deceased, will be offered in Masjid Ibrahim generally after a congregational prayer.
  • The family and friends should be invited to participate in the prayer along with other Muslims who attend daily prayers. The Imam will go over the procedure of the prayer.
A.   Use of a Prior Purchased Grave
  • If you have purchased a plot of graves prior to the death in your family, you can use one of the graves for the burial of your deceased loved one.
  • Please make sure you have all necessary documents ready pertaining to the ownership of the grave.
B.   Purchase A Plot For Burial
  • If you do not already own the plot for a grave, ISD can help buy the plot at the cemetery where burial will take place
  • The preferred cemetery is
    Silverbrook Cemetery
    300 Lancaster Ave. Wilminton, DE 19805

There are three components of the total cost associated with the final preparation/burial of a deceased. If you cannot afford a part or the complete expense related to the burial, please let the Masjid know, In Sha Allah financial help is available to qualifying families.

A.    Funeral Home Costs
  • The cost of basic funeral service will be $3000  (If you select the funeral home approved by ISD), basic service will include:
    • If the deceased is Medicaid Eligible, the State may pay for the Funeral Home Expenses (Conditions apply). If State pays for the Funeral expenses, then a refund will be issued to the next of kin.
  • The average cost of Death Certificates issued by New Castle County is $10 per copy which is separate from the Funeral Home charges. (Death Certificate charges can vary by city and state, please call to confirm)
B.   Purchasing a grave
  • If you already own a plot for burial at Silverbrook Cemetery, please let us know. Otherwise ISD will make arrangement to buy the burial plot.
  • Burial at other cemeteries is also possible, please let ISD know if you like your family member to be buried at a different cemetery.
C.  Opening and Closing of the grave
  • Opening and Closing charges at Marlboro Muslim Memorial are $1000.
  • Burials can can take place only while there is sufficient daylight, no burials can take place in the dark.
    • In Summer the burial must be completed before 5:00 PM, even though it gets dark much later.
    • After 5:00 PM, cemetery will charge $300 extra as overtime.
  • Opening and Closing cost varies at other cemeteries and could be higher. Charges may also vary based on the time of the day and for weekends and holidays.
A.  6 ft Long Casket
  • You may or may not need to pay for all the above services. Assuming you have to pay for all of the above, the total cost will not exceed $4500. (If you select the funeral home approved by the Masjid and select Siverbrook Cemetery for the burial and burial is completed before 6:00 PM)
B.   2 ft Long Casket
  • If a child has deceased and the body can fit in a 24 inch long casket the total cost is much lower.
  • Funeral Home charges will be $2000. The cost of the grave as well as opening & closing of the grave will be $500. The total cost will not exceed $2500. (If you select the funeral home approved by the Masjid and select Silverbrook Cemetery for the burial and burial is completed before 6:00 PM)


Contact:  Br. Korshed Alam - (302) 203-9552 – 24 hours, 7 days a week