• In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficial, The Most Merciful

Ramadan Starts Thursday, March 23rd

Announcement Date:  21 Mar, 2023
“Ramadan is the (month) in which the Quran was sent down, as a guide to mankind and a clear guidance and judgment (so that mankind will distinguish from right and wrong)..”  (Quran 2:183)


Islamic Society of Delaware (ISD) wishes to inform you that based on ISD Moon Sighting Policy, Sheikh Abdelhadi, has confirmed that the moon for the holy month of Ramadan has not been sighted in Saudi Arabia on March 21st, therefore, the first day of Ramadan will be Thursday, March 23rd, Insha #39;Allah.  May Allah (SWT) bless all Muslims with the bounties of this holy month. Taraweeh prayers will start on Wednesday night after Isha prayer. Iqama for Isha prayer will be at 8:50 PM at Masjid Ibraheem. 
Taraweeh Prayer Arrangement: Brothers will be praying in the multipurpose hall and in the mezzanine floor area. There is also a tent setup outside to accomodate the brothers overflow. Please remember to bring your prayer rug and wear a heavy winter coat when arriving late. Sisters will be praying Taraweeh in the old hall throughout the month of Ramadan. Limited Babysitting will be available (in the back of the old hall) from the first night of Ramadan for a suggested donation of $2 per night per child. 
Parking: Permission has been secured for parking at the German club for Taraweeh prayers. Please do not park at any private property and obey the directions of the parking attendents when parking at the German club, at the Masjid, or on Salem Church Road. Illegally, unsafe, or double-parked cars may be towed at Owners’ expense. Please use extreme caution when crossing the street in the dark and only cross the street infront of the masjid in the lighted area.
Iftar: ISD will NOT host or sponsor any Iftar or Suhoor meals this year. However, we will have water and dates available for breaking fast at maghrib prayer. 
Fitra and Fidya: Fitra for this year has been decided to be $15 per person; and for people who cannot fast, Fidya has been decided to be $450 to cover the entire month of Ramadan. When you make these payments, please clarify the purpose (Fitra or Fidya) so that they can be distributed accordingly. 
Fundraising: ISD appreciates community’s help and depends on it to provide our services.  A short duration fundraising will be held on the 25th night of Ramadan (Saturday April 15th) after Isha Prayer, Insha’ Allah. Please plan to donate generously to help your organization in providing these essential religious and community services. 
Khatam-al-Quran: We will Insha’ Allah have Khatam-al-Quran on the 29th night of Ramadan (Wednesday April 19th)