• In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficial, The Most Merciful

Message From ISD President

Announcement Date:  31 Dec, 1969

Re: ISD Year End Fundraising Dinner

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Dear Respected Brother and Sisters of ISD Community,
InshaAllah, The Islamic Society of Delaware (ISD) will hold its Year End Annual Fundraising dinner on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

In addition to reflecting upon the work and progress we have collectively accomplished during current year at ISD, this evening is about getting the families together in a warm atmosphere enjoying delicious food, Halal entertainment and good company. We will also be looking towards the future and fundraising for the Masjid Expansion to ensure that we can do more for the community and establish an even stronger Masjid (Community Center) for future generations, InshaAllah.

Alhamdulillah, with the grace and blessings of Allah (SWT) and your continued support and generous contributions, ISD purchased two properties in Elkton and Middletown to establish additional ISD branches for our Muslim brothers and sisters in these areas.

InshaAllah, our focus during next year will be to plan, build and prepare these two properties for use as Masjid and establish five times daily prayers. And off course we will continue our efforts to find a suitable solution for the major ISD and IAD expansion. Although we identified and explored various options for this purpose none of them resulted fruitful for various reasons but mainly due to insufficient financials. We have recently identified yet another property which seems to be more manageable within current ISD financial means. We will share more information about this property with you during fundraising event.

The ISD Executive Committee and Board of Directors cordially invites you and your family to honor us with your presence and enjoy this fun-filled evening with ISD community.
Following is concise summary of ISD financial needs based on current and ongoing projects:

  1.   $120,000.00 for six months Masjid Operation Expense.

  2.   $25,000.00 for Middletown Project to cover the deficit of property purchase cost.
  3.   $30,000.00 for Elkton Project to perform necessary renovation and get it ready for use as Masjid.
  4.   $100,000.00 for Cemetery Project – InshaAllah, construction phase might begin in Spring 2019.
  5.   The ongoing need for contribution towards major expansion project.

Please accept our sincere gratitude for your continued moral support and financial contributions.

May Allah (SWT) bless you and reward you immensely in this dunya and hereafter.

Respectfully yours,
Shafiq Rahim,
Your Brother in Islam.