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About ISD


Welcome to Islamic Society of Delaware

The Islamic Society of Delaware (ISD) was founded by visionaries of our community back in 1992. Its present campus located at 28 Salem Church Rd started as a standalone structure to accommodate few dozen worshipers. As the community grew, the Phase 2 of the expansion plan was executed. In 2005, ground breaking was done to extend the structure to the new multi-purpose hall, which now accommodates more than 500 worshipers along with mezzanine for female worshipers. Another milestone was added to the organization when a new building was constructed adjacent to the multi-purpose hall to accommodate a full time Islamic school with grades from Pre KG to middle school. The full time school, Islamic Academy of Delaware, moved to its present location in 2011.
In general the Muslim community in DE has grown significantly in the past few years - from a few dozen Muslim families in the late 90’s to several thousand families at present. As the community expands so does the need for more service-oriented offerings at ISD.
To date, ISD remains the largest Muslim organization in the Delaware Valley, providing multi-dimensional services to the Muslim community. In addition to its central campus in Newark, Delaware—anchored by Masjid Ibraheem and the Islamic Academy of Delaware (IAD), the first full-time Islamic school in the state of Delaware—ISD has helped establish Masjid Aisha in Elkton, Maryland (operational since May 2021) and is in the process of helping establish Masjid Al Noor in Middletown, Delaware. We also operate a fully functional Muslim cemetery, As-Salaam Garden, which has been operational since mid-2020 in Lincoln, PA.
ISD offers comprehensive funeral and burial services to the community. Our facilities include a dedicated washing room for the ritual purification (ghusul) of deceased, ensuring that the deceased are prepared for burial in accordance with Islamic traditions. The full-service funeral and burial offerings include the washing (ghusl), shrouding (kafan), funeral prayer (salat al-janazah), and burial at As-Salaam Garden cemetery.
In addition to the full-time school, ISD offers the Quranic Academy of Delaware, which includes a Saturday School and the Iqra program (Quran Hifz). ISD also operates the largest Islamic Sunday School in Delaware, serving over 200 students.
Some additional services offered by ISD, include but are not limited to:
  • Interfaith and Outreach Services
  • Family Counseling Services
  • Educational Seminars (Religious/ Professional/Social)
  • Community Events (Eid Bazar, Summer/Spring Fest)
  • Environmental Projects (River Cleanup/Green Masjid)
  • Youth and Young Muslim Programs
  • Women and Senior Activities
This engagement with the community has resulted in higher quality and quantity of services provided by ISD.
Jazakum Allahu Khairun for your continued patronage and support!