• In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficial, The Most Merciful

Youth Group

Our Goals:
1. Identity: to build the confidence of the youth to identify as Muslim in any setting
2. Environment: to provide an open and supportive environment for the youth to socialize, build bonds, play and have fun
3. Personal Development: to provide tools to help the youth constantly develop themselves (conviction, decision making based on Islam, life skills, etc.)
4. Contribution: to provide the youth with consistent opportunities to contribute and give back, whether internally at ISD or externally with other Muslim and non-Muslim organizations
5. Masjid: to instill in the youth an attachment and love for the Masjid
6. Problem Solving: to train the youth on problem solving effectively in any area of life (counseling, mentorship, therapy, etc.)
7. Relationships: to help youth develop and maintain good relationships with others (parents, teachers, adults, peers, etc.)
8. Parents: to get parents involved in helping ISD Youth fulfill the other seven goals.

Our Values:
1. We empower youth
2. We don’t judge others, we only judge ourselves
3. We desire to please Allah alone, and expect no reward other than His reward
4. We balance spirituality and activism
5. We strive to improve ourselves constantly
6. We respect and value diversity
7. We treat others the way we want to be treated
8. We aim for excellence, not perfection
9. We learn from the past to better our future
10. We serve Allah by serving His creation