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QAD 2019-20 Session Starts on September, 14th

QAD 2019-2020 academic year starts on September 14, enrollment for new and returning students is open. Enrollment forms are also available at ISD premises. Please download and submit completed form to the ISD office or take a clear picture of the completed form and email it to info@qadonline.org with Subject line: Name of your child.

We welcome you all to connect with QAD with your suggestions and volunteering.

For the record purpose, kindly fill one form per child. All Policies, process and curriculum for QAD will remain unchanged for 2019-20.

Minimum age to enroll is 4 years old - Limited seats are available

Contact Info: Phone: (302) 786–1199 | Email: info@qadonline.org | Web: wwww.qadonline.org
Our Programs
1. QAD School – Saturday’s Only Quranic Program

This program is held every Saturday’s from 10 AM to 1:30 PM. This program is more geared towards memorization of last two (2) juzz of the Quran, reading Quran and understanding the Islamic values. Learn about day-to-day duas and prayers. The fee for this program is minimal

2. Two Days Quranic Program

This program is held every Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM to 9:30 AM. This program is more towards Quran reading and memorization of last two (2) to ten (10) juzz of the Quran. The fee for this program is minimal.

3. Five Days Quran Hifz Program

This program is held every day from Saturday to Wednesday. This is a fulltime Hifz program where students will memorize entire Quran. Please check with Principal or Administration about the fees.

4. Youth Quran Program - Every Saturday 11AM to 1 PM

This program is designed for youth age 15 and above to learn Quran recitation & memorization along with Islamic studies (Fiqh, Aqeedah & Manners)

5. Third Language Program - Every Saturday 9:30am to 10:00am

We are excited to announce a new program within the ambit of QAD which is the "Third Language Program” aka TLP. Under TLP, we will be offering classes for a third language on volunteer basis. We will have fixed time slot of 9:30am to 10:00am on Saturday for TLP. For now QAD is launching TLP with Urdu classes.

Our Classes
  • AL-MUSTAQBAL (A) – Students should be able to read Quran fluently with proper pronunciation along with memorization
  • AL-AMAL (B) – Students should be able to read from Quran with some struggle along with memorization
  • AZ-ZAHRA (C) – Students should be able to read Arabic words along with some memorization
  • AR-RAWDA (D) – Students will start learning Arabic alphabets along with some memorization