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ISD Wedding Services

Islamic Society of Delaware is pleased to offer the Nikah service to the Muslim community. To arrange for the performing of Nikah, please contact Br BMA Belal at (302)367-4818 and provide necessary documentation.

Fee for the ISD Nikah Service: $150


Helpful Resources

In Islam there are 4 conditions which must be met for a marriage to be considered valid.

1. Consent– There must be mutual consent from both the bride and the groom. Both must explicitly express there interest to marry each other.
2. Wali– A wali is a male guardian who looks out for the best interests of the bride.
3. Witnesses– Two adult witnesses must be present.
4. Mahr– The bride has a right to receive a gift from the groom. This gift is the sole property of the bride, even in case of divorce.

If these four conditions are met a marriage is considered legal in Islam. However, in order for the Sheikh to perform the nikah the couple must provide a marriage license from the State of Delaware.

Listed below are recommended reading for those interested and/or are discussing marriage.