• In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficial, The Most Merciful

Dawa Services

ISD Dawah Services


Giving dawah is an obligation for all Muslims.  The Dawah Committee at ISD comprises of dedicated individuals that take this responsibility seriously and are always looking for like minded individuals to join their team.  

Dawah Committee conducts several Dawah related programs through out the year and more activities are added as needed.

  • Masjid Open House and Seminars
  • University of Delaware Campus Dawaa Booths
  • Special Community Event Booths
  • Prison Dawaa
  • Classes: Living Islam Class
  • Free Distribution of Dawah Materials

Details of these programs and their schedule will be added in the days to come, but for now please use the outreach@isdonline.org email address to get in touch with members of the Dawah Committee.