• In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficial, The Most Merciful

ISD Community WhatApp Group


Community WhatApp Group

Community WhattsApp Group is the one-way messaging by ISD for sharing educational contents as well as masjid related events/announcements. We try to keep the messaging to 5-7 messages per month. Below is a self-invite link.


(You will need to join from your mobile device which has WhatsApp installed).

WhatsApp Disclaimer


  1. ISD Community WhatsApp groups are managed and maintained by the ISD Education Committee. Therefore, their main purpose is to share ISD educational content and to spread knowledge about Islam. From time to time, ISD may share other pertinent communication for the benefit of our Muslim Community.

  2. ISD Education Committee and Management pledge and promise that we will not share or sell your information to any unauthorized individual, business or non-profit organization.

  3. An individual may only join ONE of the ISD Community WhatsApp groups. If we notice anyone joining more than one groups, we reserve the right to keep that individual in only one group and remove him/her from all others because the contents being shared in these groups are exactly identical. 

  4. The content shared by ISD via the WhatsApp groups can be shared by the participants  with their family and friends for the purpose to spreading knowledge about Islam. The participants are NOT authorized to use/share these materials on their personal/business website(s) or other means without first obtaining written consent from ISD.

  5. The participants of the ISD Community WhatsApp group are NOT authorized to use any information from the WhatsApp group, including but not limited to names, phone numbers or other personal information, to create personal, business and/or other non-profit organization WhatsApp groups and add  participants without their consent. 

  6. ISD Education Committee and ISD management reserve the right to remove anyone from  participating in ISD Community WhatsApp groups for not adhering to ISD group rules and regulations.

  7. Joining the ISD Community WhatsApp Group is completely voluntary. By joining any of ISD Community WhatsApp groups, you pledge and promise to adhere to ALL group rules and regulation.