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Ramadan Fundraiser Reminder from ISD President

Assalam Walekum Rahmatullah Wabaraktahu.

I wish to kindly remind you to avail the opportunity to earn more hasanat this Ramadan by generously donating for the ISD fundraising to be held tomorrow at Masjid Ibrahim after Isha Insha'Allah. Our fundraising goal is $165,000. I will greatly appreciate all the support you can provide to help us meet the goal.

May Allah (SWT) reward you with the best reward in dunya and aqirah for your continued support.

Best Regards,

Qamar Ahmad
ISD President
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Jazzakum Allahu Khairun.

ISD FundsRaising

Change in ISD Management - President's Message

Dear Respected Community Members Assalam Waalekum:
 I am writing this message to inform that the Islamic Society of Delaware (ISD) Board of Directors has made some changes in its Executive Committee (EC) in a meeting held last Saturday, June 7, 2014. Based on these changes, EC now consists of the following members:
President:                    Br. Qamar Ahmad       (Elected in the 6/7/14 meeting)
Vice president:           Br. Vaqar Sharif          (Elected in the 6/7/14 meeting)
Secretary:                    Br. Hassan Mageid
Treasurer:                   Br. Shafiq Rahim
Social Secretary:       Br. Nasir Khan
 About assuming position of the President of our important organization, I must say that my shoulders are feeling heavy due the big responsibility it carries. I was not ready for it. However, now that I have accepted it, I am confident, I will be able to In-sha-Allah handle it with support of all of the EC and Board members as well as all of the members of our beautiful community; and most importantly with the help of Allah (SWT). All of the past ISD Presidents have tried to do the best they could to serve ISD in the best interest of the community and only for the pleasure of Allah (SWT), and that is what I will strive to do In-sha-Allah.
 May Allah (SWT) bless all of you with good health and excellent level of Iman.
 Qamar Ahmad

Message From the President of ISD -Syed Anwar Balkhi


Bismilllahir Rahmanir Raheem


Dear Brothers, Sisters and Community Members,


Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh


Alhamdulillah, it is through Allah's will and your votes that I have been elected President of ISD for this new term. I have seen this community grow from the inception of Masjid Ibrahim to what it is today, and may Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'allah) continue to shower His blessings and mercy upon our community. Part of us going and growing in the right direction is to work together as a team, to feel the brotherhood/sisterhood that is much needed in our community, and to individually realize the responsibility that each of us is a Custodian of our Masjid.


We have two most important goals:


1. Unity in our community.

2. Increase the image of ISD foundation and our Islamic school


There is much work needed to be done, and the road is not an easy one. I have accepted this position for the sole reason of attaining Allah's pleasure. I want to see this community put aside its differences, and not lose sight of the purpose of an Islamic community or an Islamic school. We can never be strong as an Ummah if we are divided. Inshallah with the support of our community members and board members, we can make a positive change in ISD. JazakAllah.

I have great respect of our elders who have given their best for our community and I love all of you for the sake of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'allah). I am confident that you will stand by my side, shoulder to shoulder, and we will face all hurdles and challenges together as we move forward inshaAllah.


For your vote of confidence in me, May Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'allah) aid me in fulfilling the role as your ISD President. Ameen.

May Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'allah) bless us all with the best in this world and in the hereafter. Ameen.



Syed Anwar Balkhi

ISD President


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