Thursday 16th Aug 2018

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Brother Ahmed Amer Family Gathering

The family of Brother Ahmad Amer humbly invites you all this Wednesday June 4 at the Christiana Hilton at 6:00 PM.

Brother Ahmad Amer was an active member of the community over the last 35 years. He has supported ISD, IAD, Masjid AlKawthar, CAIR and several other national causes.  He help to establish bridges between the Muslim community and Local communities and government.  May Allah guide us and help continue his Dawaa. Inna Lila wa inna Illahi Rajiun.

Christiana Hilton
100 Continental Drive
Newark DE

 Jazakallah Khair

ISD Board

Bathroom Renovation Project Underway at ISD

Bismillah - Assalam u Alaikum All Community Members,


I am very glad to announce that with the blessing of Allah (SWT) we have started our ISD board approved bathroom project for the community.


This project had waited for 2 years. Alhamdulillah, the project is fully sponsored by generous donors from our community. Please make dua for the success of this project and for donors for their very noble and charitable cause.


Jazakum Allahahu Khairun,

Anwar Balkhi

President ISD

ISD Executive Committee Appointed for 2014-15

ISD Executive Committee Appointed for 2014-15

ISD Board of Directors met at its first Board meeting for year 2014-15 yesterday and appointed the following Individuals to ISD Executive Committee.

President - Br Anwar Balkhi
Vice President - Br Qamar Ahmed
Secretary - Br Hasan Abdul Mageid
Treasurer - Br Shafiq Rahim
Social Secretary - Br Nasir Khan


3-Year Term: 
       1.  Ahmad Abuzeid.
       2.  Qamar Ahmad.
       3.  Khorshed Alam.
       4.  Elsayed Abounabet.
       5.  Bashir Mansoori.
       6.  Mohammad Feroz Madiwale.
       7.  Vaqar Sharief.  
1-Year Term: 
       1.  Muhammed Iqbal Aziz.

Ma Salama

ISD Board

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