Sunday 24th Mar 2019


Eid Al-Adha on Tuesday, August 21
Three Eid Prayers at Masjid Ibrahim

Based on the announcements made by the Saudi Officials, the sacred month of Dhul Hujjah started on Sunday August 12, 2018 and Eid-ul-Adha will be celebrated on Tuesday, August 21st, insha' Allah.

Important Dates to Note
8th Dhul Hijjah/Start of Hajj: Sunday August 19
Day of Arafah: Monday August 20
Eid al-Adha/Yaum an-Nahr: Tuesday August 21

The first ten days of the month of Dhul Hujjah are great in virtue and it is from the Sunnah to increase in worship and good deeds; especially fasting on the Day of Arafah.
May Allah accept the Hajj of all pilgrims and the efforts of all those at home.

Islamic Society of Delaware wishes a happy and joyous Eid to the community.
Insha' Allah, We will hold three Eid Prayers at Masjid Ibrahim as following.

Eid Prayers on Tuesday August 21, 2018
First Prayer:       Takbeerat:   7:15 AM Prayer:   7:30 AM
Second Prayer:  Takbeerat:   9:00 AM Prayer:   9:15 AM
Third Prayer:      Takbeerat: 10:45 AM Prayer: 11:00 AM


Eid Parking Information:
- Masjid Ibrahim Parking will be limited to Elderly and Families with Children
- Parking will be available at German Club Soccer field & Lot and Journey Church
- Please follow direction of parking staff, DE State Police and Volunteers
- Please watch for the weekday traffic and cross street from designated area only
- Do not block the neighbors’ driveways, mail-boxes or hydrants
- Prayers will start on time. Please allow enough time to park and walk to the Masjid
- Parents are advised to supervise their children AT ALL TIMES

Friday Prayer Times

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