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Youth Adhan Competition

ISD Youth Adhan Competition
Preliminary Round: Saturday June 10: 6:00-8:00 PM
Adhan Finals: Saturday June 17: 6:00-8:00 PM

Islamic Society of Delaware invites Youth Boys ages 7 through 18 to compete in the Youth Adhan Competition this Ramadan. Preliminary Round and the Coaching Workshop will be held this Saturday June 10.

The workshop will teach the youth the importance and benefits of Adhan and coach them proper techniques of making Adhan. Youth between the ages 7 and 18 are requested to participate and take advantage of this opportunity.

Five Competitors from each group will selected for the Finals to be held on Saturday June 17. Kids younger than 7 can also participate in the Preliminary Round but will not move to Finals. Prizes and trophies will be awarded to the finalists in each age group.

Group I: 7 - 11 years
Group II: 12 - 18 years

For Information Please Contact:
Br. Abubakr Mused:
(302) 284-8633
Br. Soufiane Sadikina:
(302) 743-2280



ISD Annual Ramadan Fundraiser & Community Iftar
Saturday June 17th

Islamic Society of Delaware (ISD) will have its Annual Ramadan Fundraising after Isha Prayers on Saturday June 17th 2017. The goal for this fundraising is to raise $250,000.

The fundraiser is for support of current and future ISD Projects –
ISD Expansion Project
ISD Middletown Musallah
Build Burial site at the Cemetery
ISD Building Maintenance

Please note that ISD remains committed to fiscal responsibility in all our operations, and any funds saved from reduction in regular expenses will be made available for the projects too.

Message from ISD President - Hassan Mageid
ISD 2017 Ramadan Fundraising

Islamic Society of Delaware (ISD) will host its Annual Ramadan Iftar and Fundraiser on this Saturday June 17, 2017 and you are all invited.  The fundraising will be conducted during a short period of time after Isha prayer and before taraweeh.

The goal for this fundraising is to raise $250,000.  As you all know that our community has grown a lot recently and it became a necessity to expand our facilities to keep up with the growth of our community and provide the same excellent service to every member.  Alhamdu Lilah, we have found a potential location to expand within minutes from our current masjid.  The new location is at 322 Ruther Drive will be presented to the community during the fundraising.  Also our Muslim community population at Middletown has increased and we would like to establish a Musalah for them at Middletown as an ISD Branch.

Therefore the goal for this fundraising is to cover our masjid's increasing expenditures till the end of this year 2017 and provide some funds for the expansion of ISD into the new location at 322 Luther Drive and helping our members at Middletown Community to establish a Musalah as a Branch of ISD.  

Thank you very much for your continuous generous support to ISD and looking forward to see you all during the Iftar and the fundraising this Saturday, June 17.

Best Regards,

Hassan Mageid
President, Islamic Society of Delaware (ISD)


Friday Prayer Times

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