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Eid-ul-Adha Announcement

Eid-ul-Adha Announcement
Monday September 12th, 2016
Three Eid Prayers at Masjid Ibrahim

German Club NOT available for parking on the day of Eid

Islamic Society of Delaware (ISD) is pleased to announce that the first day of sacred month of Dhul-Hujjah is on Saturday September 3rd and Eid-ul-Adha will be celebrated on Monday, September 12th. We have made arrangements for three Eid Salat at Masjid Ibrahim.

Please Note:
  • Due to expected high turn-out, please try to car pool
  • German Club is NOT available for parking on the day of Eid.
  • Additional parking is available at Pentecostal Church, Church of Christ (only front) & Journey Church.
  • ISD has arrangedĀ 3 Shuttle Vans from Journey Church Parking to the Masjid.
  • Sisters, kids and elderly will be given priority for the parking shuttle, brothers are requested to walk to the Masjid.
  • We expect heavy traffic on Salem Church Rd, try to arrive at Masjid from Route 4 instead.
  • We are collecting UDHIYAH/QURBANI meat for distribution to poor. Please drop the meatĀ before September 15th.


Friday Prayer Times

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