Thursday 23rd May 2019


ISD $50 a Month Campaign - Please Respond (Insha'Allah)

During Ramadan Imam Shiekh Abdelhadi asked, “Who would participate in a campaign to donate $50 a month?”. By show of hand majority of the community showed their approval of such campaign.

ISD is pleased to introduce “$50 a Month Campaign”. With this initiative we’re hoping to cover the monthly Masjid operation expense of approximately $15,000/month, therefore eliminate or minimize the need for fund-raising for this purpose.

$50 a month is merely the cost of one cup of coffee a day.
Cup of coffee $1.70 X 30 = $51.00/month.

For this campaign to be successful, we will need participation from at least 350 community members. Insha' Allah, with help and blessing from Allah (SWT) and participation from the community we would like achieve our objective of signing up 350 individuals by the end of October 2014.

Please use attached “Monthly Automatic Donation Form” to sign up for this campaign.

May Allah (SWT) accept your continued support and contribution to the house of Allah (SWT).

Monthly Automatic Donation Form


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