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ISD Board of Directors Elections Results - 2014 - 15

Assalam-alaikum -

Here are the election results for Islamic Society of Delaware General Assembly Meeting and Annual Elections for 2014-2015 held @ 2 PM today.  Let's Pray to Allah SWT to help  board members  & the community members to work in path of Allah SWT and in the way that will please HIM Allah SWT.

These member are elected for THREE (3) year term

  1. Ahmed Abuzeid.
  2. Qamar Ahmad.
  3. Khorshed Alam.
  4. Bashir Mansoori.
  5. Mohammad Feroz Madiwale.
  6. Vaqar Sharief
  7. Elsayed Abounabet.

These member are elected for  ONE (1) year term

  1. Muhammed Iqbal Aziz.
  2. Wifki Ahmed Kased.

Member who withdrew Nomination

  1. Mahamed Allimulla.

These member were NOT PRESENT at the time of acceptance of their Nomination

  1. Abobaker Mused.
  2. Masood Sadiq.


Hassan A. Mageid

Election Commissioner 2014-15


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