Sunday 25th Aug 2019


ISD Committees 2019

Below are the committees & members information below:

President: Br. Mahamed Allimulla
Vice President: Br. Nasir Khan
Secretary: Sr. Timmie Mirza
Treasurer: Br. BMA Bilal
Social Secretary: Br. Erica Young

Committee Elected Chairperson(s)
Elkton Ops Committee Br. Arif Niaz
Middletown Ops Committee Br. Shahnawaz
Sympathy Committee Br. Khorshed (Br. Sarwar in Br. Khorshed's absence)
Education Committee Br. Shafiq
(QAD: Br. Allim will transition to Br. Sharey Haque
Sunday School: Br. Khaled Sadek)
IAD Liaison Br. Mohamed AbdelMageid
Communications Committee Br. Nasir
Interfaith Br. Irfan
Dawah Br. Niaz
Young Kids Sr. Gretchen
Youth Sisters Sr. Aimee
Sisters Network Sr. Saba
Governance & Constitution Br. Faizal
Finance Chair Br. Mohamed AbdelMageid
Advisory Past Presidents and Founders
Expansion & Construction Br. Qamar
Cemetery Committee Br. Suhail
Fundraising Committee Br. Iqbal Aziz
Community Services Br. Belal (Marriage, notary, family counseling and others in consultation with Shiekh)
Masjid Maintenance Committee Br. Ismail Amino and Br. Alitabet (Co-Chair)
Seniors Network TBD

Friday Prayer Times

ISD Events for the Month

No events

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