ISD Connect 08/3/12 -ISD Newsletter/Fitra Reminder/Congratulations to Glasgow Masjid
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Date 3rd Aug 2012/15 Ramadan 1433 H

$1/day Campaign to Maintain Masjid

For $1/day or $365/year you can help cover the operational cost of  the Masjid.

Take advantage of the Month of Ramadan to multiply your donations by 70+ times to help maintain the House of Allah.

Sponsor a Maintenance Project

Several opportunities are available to sponsor a maintenance project at ISD. Please see attached brochure for details.

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DEAR Visitor,


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

The count down for the blessed month of Ramadan beings!! 15 days have passed and only 15 days are left!!  .... Take advantage of the remaining few days, and remember that all deeds are multiplied by +70 for Ibadat, Chairty and Quran recitation.

Zakatul Fitr Reminder

A kindly reminder to pay Zakatul Fitr before the end of Ramadan to help distribute it to the proper recipients before Eid Ul Fitr. Please place Fitra in the designated boxes at the Masjid.

Fitra is $7/family member

New ISD Newsletter Issue

A new issue of ISD Newsletter is currently available at the Masjid entrance in both the sisters area and the brothers area. An electronic copy of the Newsletter is attached for your review.

Congratulations to Glasgow Masjid for a successful Fundraising event

The Islamic Society of Delaware would like to congratulate Glasgow Masjid on a successful fundraising Iftar event!! Alhamdulilah, a total of $215K was raised. The event demonstrated a great working relationship between the Islamic Society of Delaware and United American Muslim Association (UAMA). Such collaboration will be extremely beneficial for the future to both institutions.

Islamic Academy of Delaware

Established in 2008, we are the official full-time school of the Islamic Society of Delaware and are registered with the Delaware Department of Education, serving the needs of the Muslim community in the State of Delaware. We are currently accepting registration for grades Pre-K through 8th.

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Sunday School

For over 20 years, the Islamic Society of Delaware has successfully offered a Sunday school, serving an average of 200 students per year. Registration for Sunday school for the academic year 2012/2013 opens on Aug. 12, 2012.

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Quran School

The Islamic Society of Delaware Quran School is the oldest educational institution in the community, where community members of all age groups learn the rules of Tajweed and memorize the book of Allah. The Islamic Society of Delaware hosts an annual Quran Memorization Competition.

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Ma Assalama,

ISDConnect Committee


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