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Date: Jul 5, 2012/ Shaban 15, 1433 H

Dear Brothers, Sisters & Community Members,

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

Recently the Board of Directors of Islamic Society of Delaware selected a new Executive Committee and although I am not the best among you, I have been entrusted to serve the community in the capacity of its President. We accept this responsibility and ask Allah SWT for His help, guidance and mercy. And we would like to thank the previous administration(s) and the founders of this esteemed institution for their selfless contribution in shaping the affairs of our community.

We, as a community, face significant challenges ahead as we look to refine the purpose of this institution as one that serves the needs of the next generation of American born Muslims as well as those who have migrated here and call this land their home. In order to accomplish this goal, we need to develop a long-term vision and put in practice few principles that will be the essential elements of future success.

Although there are number of areas that require attention, the Executive Committee believes there are three basic fundamentals that need to be re-emphasized:

1. Transparency in our actions and decisions

2. Open communication between the community and ISD representatives

3. Teamwork among the Executive Committee, the Board, sub-committees, and the Community

To begin this process, we are setting up quarterly TOWN HALL MEETINGS to get your opinion, thoughts, ideas, and assistance. We will take your ideas and feedback to generate list of key priorities and activities we should focus on to ensure your needs are being met and voices heard. We will also use this feedback to set a vision for the community. I have a request for each and every one of you. If you see us doing good then join us in making it a success. And if you see us falling short in certain areas, engage us in constructive dialogue and help us get back on track. Your active participation will be the key to establishing a flourishing community.

As a first step toward achieving our goals, the various ISD working committees have been finalized and a separate announcement will follow on this regard.

We invoke Allah (SWT) for His help and ask you for your assistance in execution of future activities.

Ma Assalama,

On behalf of Executive Committee,

Irfan Patel

ISD President 2012-13

Other Important Information @ ISD

  • Prayer Iqama timing starting May 1st 2012.

    • Iqama time is 15 minutes after the Adhaan except Maqrib and Isha prayer, which 5 minutes after the Adhaan time.
  • Second Jumuah Khutba & Prayers:

    • ISD Management is pleased to announce the commencement of second Friday Khutba and prayers at 3 PM.
  • ISD Executive Committee Members:


President - Br Irfan Patel
Vice President - Br Fazal Rasheed
Secretary - Br Mahamed Allimulla
Treasurer - Br Mir Sadiq Ali Khan
Social Secretary - Br Nasir Khan

Serving community since 1975...

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